Strategic Change – 12 tough questions leaders should ask themselves…

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What if our managers were so capable of leading strategic change that people throughout the organization cried out, “Yes, more change….bring it on!”

To execute strategic change, organizational leaders should ask themselves 12 questions to assess leadership capability around the following strategic leadership practices:

  1. Assess the internal and external environments. To what extent do we as organizational leaders regularly and realistically evaluate our internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats?
  2. Clarify mission, vision and values. To what extent do we establish an organizational lens that creates a shared vision of the future and understanding of our operating principles?
  3. Discover and prioritize drivers. To what extent do we prioritize the key strategic drivers to create focus on mission-critical activities?
  4. Create business strategies. To what extent do we craft business strategies that will take us from where we are today to our desired future state?
  5. Develop leadership strategies. To what extent do we craft leadership strategies that act as enablers of our business strategies?
  6. Execute, perform and learn. To what extent do we effectively translate strategy into practice, learn from our performance outcomes and revisit our strategic framework?
  7. Lead change. To what extent do we foresee the changes to the business environment that will bring increased complexity and new tensions to the organization as leaders engage in transformative business model change?
  8. Shape culture. To what extent do we shape organizational cultures that elicit strong identification and a sense of belonging in individuals?
  9. Span boundaries. To what extent do we implement tactics to span organizational boundaries to facilitate interdependent decision-making and collaboration between organizational leaders?
  10. Leverage polarities. To what extent do we reap the upside of organizational priorities that may appear to be diametrically opposed?
  11. Create direction, alignment and commitment. To what extent do we create direction, alignment and commitment with strategic objectives throughout the organization?
  12. Unleash performance potential. To what extent do we think, act and influence strategically to reap the full performance potential of the organization?

Once our leaders have engaged in open, honest, challenging dialogue to assess their ability to convert strategic intent into organizational practice, we can start to pull people up, down and around the organization into those change initiative which are critical to future success.

The stronger our “collective leadership capability” becomes, the more confident our people feel about driving change.

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  1. Adam Green says : Reply

    This article is a great reminder of the things that I learned in my CCL class last week in Colorado Springs “Leading Strategically.” Thanks. Adam Green

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